Review process

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All materials submitted for publication pass a two-level review system: external and internal.

Firstly, submitted articles are reviewed by the editors to check whether it consistent with the subject of the journal and its general requirements.

After positive editor’s decision, the submitted manuscripts are sent to external experts working in the relevant field. the manuscript is subject to Double-Blind Peer Review: neither the authors nor the reviewers know each other.

In some cases, articles may be referred to additional review, including stylistic and methodological review by Editorial Board.

Procedure for reviewing and publishing materials

1.    The author/authors sends/send material for publication, which can be accepted by the Editorial Board for consideration only if it meets its current requirements.

2.   The manuscript submitted to the editorial office receives a unique registration number, which provides the author and reviewer with anonymity during reviewing.

3.   The Editorial Board sends the article for review.

4.   The reviewer should unambiguously characterize the theoretical or applied significance of the study, to correlate the conclusions of the author with existing scientific concepts. The reviewer should assess the personal contribution of the author’s article to the solution of the problem and draw a conclusion about the reliability and validity of the author’s conclusions.

5.   Based on the results of the review, the article can be:

  • accepted for publication;
  • returned to the author(s) for changes, appropriate adjustments, if it’s required by the review;
  • rejected as non-compliant (reasons should be stated in the review).

6.   Only after final agreement with the author/authors of all questions regarding the content of the material (including re-review, if the previous review required revision) the article is accepted for publication.

7.   The chief editor takes the decision on the inclusion of the article to the issue.

8.   The article is submitted for publication.

The journal is an open resource, accepts and publishes materials in accordance with the requirements of editorial policy and subject to compliance with current regulations of Ukraine.

All claims, comments and questions regarding the activities of the scientific publication should be sent to the e-mail or mail of the editorial office.

Authors have the right to appeal against editors’ decisions on article acceptance or rejection.

Order of author’s appeal submission:

1.   When an author does not agree with the editor’s decision on the manuscript acceptance or rejection, he/she should address the «Measurements Infrastructure» Journal in written form specifying the reasons of his/her appeal.

2.   A commission for the conflict settlement consisting of editorial board members is formed to consider the author’s appeal.

3.   The editorial staff decision can be changed in the cases when:

  • the author presents additional facts not considered at the manuscript primary reviewing;
  • the author presents additional materials not considered at the manuscript primary reviewing;
  • the author presents information concerning conflict of interests not presented at the manuscript primary reviewing;
  • the author expresses concern about the prejudiced review report.

4.   When it is necessary, the editorial staff may refer to another reviewer before making the final decision.

5.   When arguments are satisfactory, the commission for conflicts settlement makes proposals to change or retain in force the initial decision about the manuscript publishing.

6.   The editorial board makes decision about the manuscript acceptance or rejection basing on the commission for conflicts settlement conclusion.

7.   The editorial board decision after the initial decision review is final and cannot be disputed.

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