Measurement Standards of Ukraine for Gas Volume Flow Rate at Pressures of 1 MPa to 5 MPa
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gas flow rate
primary measurement standard
Venturi nozzle
traceability chain
PVTt method

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Rozhnov, M., Melnyk, D., & Levbarg, O. (2021). Measurement Standards of Ukraine for Gas Volume Flow Rate at Pressures of 1 MPa to 5 MPa. Measurements Infrastructure, 2.


The characteristics of the primary measurement standards of the volume gas flow rate at high pressure developed in various countries are considered. A hierarchical scheme for gas flow measuring instruments and a corresponding metrological traceability chain are presented. Described is a PVTt method, on which the primary standards of gas flow rate used in the USA, France, Japan, and Taiwan are based. The need to create in Ukraine primary measurement standards of gas flow rate at high pressure covering different parts of the total flow rate interval from 0,3 m3/h to 1800 m3/h at a pressure of 1 MPa to 5 MPa is substantiated. Metrological traceability of gas flow measurements is realized through a sequence of critical flow Venturi nozzles, which play a role of the reference flow rate material measures. The standards might be used to calibrate the primary reference Venturi nozzles of the most common 0,1 mm to 8 mm diameters. The characteristics and parameters of the standards are determined. By their metrological and technical characteristics, the standards will correspond to the state-of-the-art level. According to the programme of developing the measurement-standard facilities in Ukraine, in 2019 the primary standard PVTt-65 was created and work had started on the development of the primary standard PVTt-1800 and the working standard PE-5400. A detailed study of the metrological characteristics of the measurement standards will be the topic of further work.
ARTICLE PDF (Ukrainian)


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