Specifics of biomedical parameters estimation of human organism respiratory subsystem
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respiratory subsystem, integral index, functional condition, mathematical model, measurement results uncertainty, indices variability, decision making.

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Kosheva, L., & Ivanets, O. (2021). Specifics of biomedical parameters estimation of human organism respiratory subsystem. Measurements Infrastructure, 1, 1-6. https://doi.org/10.33955/v1(2021)-004


Offered approach to the functional state of organism estimation as holistic system with the complex of interrelated, interactive, mutually affecting functional subsystems of homeostatic type, which may be described as statistically stable biomedical parameters complex. Offered integral index helps to estimate the respiratory subsystem condition using basic organism indexes. Information model of the biomedical parameters transformation was developed. Input quantities uncertainty analysis of the mentioned subsystem information model of the organism gave an opportunity to increase probability of making correct decision concerning the biological objects condition. Methodic of the respiratory subsystem condition estimation was developed and possible conditions range was determined.

ARTICLE PDF (Ukrainian)


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