Structural renovation of the Secondary standard of the electric power unit for the industrial frequency range
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Shevkun, S., Dobroliubova, M., & Statsenko, O. (2023). Structural renovation of the Secondary standard of the electric power unit for the industrial frequency range. Measurements Infrastructure, 5.


The article reveals ways for structural renovation of the composition of the Secondary standard of the electrical power unit for the industrial frequency range with the aim of restoring the technical resource of its constituent parts, improving metrological characteristics in terms of increasing output power, as well as increasing productivity and reducing the cost of work due to their automation.

Based on the results of the metrological characteristics’ analysis of electrical energy and power measuring equipment modern nomenclature and the existing standard base, it is proposed to make a structural renovation of the standard by including additional equipment to its composition, namely: the precision three-phase standard electricity meter compatible with the high-precision three-phase power source. The structural scheme of the renovation standard has been developed.

The renovation of the standard allows turning the standard into a single hardware and software complex that provides calibration and testing of wide nomenclature of electric power and electric energy meters in the full range of values in high-performance automated mode.
ARTICLE PDF (Ukrainian)


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