Systems engineering of cybersecured digital and information measuring systems based on the signature Boolean-polynomial algebra synthesis apparatus
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informational security
cyber security of information and measuring systems
functional cyber-controllability
computing functions operational control

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Tupkalo, V., & Cherepkov, S. (2023). Systems engineering of cybersecured digital and information measuring systems based on the signature Boolean-polynomial algebra synthesis apparatus. Measurements Infrastructure, 5.


Development of DIMSCC models with cyber-controllability of their apparatus and software for computing function (operations) in real time becomes the primary task since the problem relevance of the cyber security of digital information and measuring systems of control complexes (DIMSCC) for critical infrastructure objects is increasing. Based on an analysis of known digital systems functional control methods new term «functional cyber-controllability of the digital informational and measuring system» was defined in the article. New approach to operational functional control of hardware redundancy is proposed. This is the synthesis of DIMSCC computing operations. Hardware redundancy is a synthesized control node chosen for functional control of various DIMSCC basic arithmetic and logical functions (operations) which should be reduced to simple procedure of corresponding switching functionally complete combinational structures from a finite set (standard set). Concerning this, the synthesis task is as follows. Only inputs and outputs of specified object are available for functional control of arithmetic and logical operations on binary operands under external hacker influence. Combination type functional control node structure (operational compositional adaptation) should be developed depending on the type of controlled computing operation being performed. The result of the synthesis task solving is a system of formulae determination (signature control equations) of the signature functional control of all DIMSCC basic arithmetic and logical functions (operations) on a single basis of a single equivalent representation of their known formulaic expression by corresponding (adequate) descriptions in infix notation (infix models). Apparatus of Boolean-polynomial algebra is used aiming to realize infix notation. The practical advantage of the proposed approach to the synthesis of hardware redundancy of operational functional signature control of computing operations is the transition possibility from signature control equations formulae to their realization implementation in the form of a signature control node directly without additional interpreting and minimizing procedures use by simple logical composition (switching) functionally complete combinational structures from a finite set (standard set).
ARTICLE PDF (Ukrainian)


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