Business stability ensuring mechanism of enterprise in modern market conditions
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business stability
business management metrics
marketing mix
business process
digitalization of enterprises

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Tupkalo, V., & Cherepkov, S. (2022). Business stability ensuring mechanism of enterprise in modern market conditions. Measurements Infrastructure, (4).


Concepts are developed. Business stability ensuring mechanism of enterprise model in modern economy digitalization conditions is grounded based on complex casual-consequential chains of business management metrics system of the enterprise with its marketing complex. Each component of the business management metrics system of the modern enterprise is proved to form particular components of the general model for business stability ensuring mechanism. Thus, the business stability of modern digital enterprises should be defined as a cortege (complex) of three consequently connected stability ensuring systems: «organizational stability < market stability < economic stability». Each system, in its turn, consists of components that are functional (operational) stability types. Each stability type factor should form through a logical combination of particular business policies range from proposed by the author matrix «business management metrics system — marketing complex» of particular strategic behavioral guidelines of the enterprise to interact with its target market within {i — business metrics; j — marketing complex} pair. Every behavioral guideline should include an appropriate economically grounded quantitative key (integral) indicator. Business stability of modern enterprise in transition to digital economy conditions is defined as a complex enterprise ability to react quickly and adequately to violations in the business processes of consumer business value creation chain for partners and customers trust maintenance, ensuring competitiveness and further continuous development of their business. The conclusion is that further problem study prospects of the enterprise business stability ensuring in modern market conditions may be connected with quantity trend analysis of business value creation chains for every business metric of modern digital (SMART) enterprise considering proposed by authors model for business stability ensuring mechanism creation based on strategic planning matrix «SBC-MM».
ARTICLE PDF (Ukrainian)


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