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Author Guidelines

Please, read our Authors Guide here.

Each article of the journal «Measurements Infrastructure» is submitted in English — the main language, given the desire to present Ukrainian scientific opinion to the international community, and in Ukrainian if possible.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal «Measurements Infrastructure» should be original and unpublished. They should not be considered by any other publication at the same time. The authors are responsible for the content of the article, not the editors or publishers.

Authors of submitted papers should familiarize themselves with copyright transfer to the «Measurements Infrastructure» journal.

The papers have to be prepared according to the ethical standards in publishing.

Submission of papers

Publication in the «Measurements Infrastructure» journal is free of charge.

Manuscripts of articles and the «Author's Questionnaire» exclusively should submitted by e-mail to the journal Editorial Board «Measurements Infrastructure» or by personal account of the journal's website.

«Author's reference» and «Offer agreement» should be sent by regular mail to the Editorial address. It is allowed to provide facsimile copies with subsequent replacement by the original at the request of the Editorial Board.

«Author's reference» and article text in Ukrainian are sent only by citizens of Ukraine.

Manuscript structure. Requirements

  • Article title.
  • Name and surname of the author/all authors; academic title, scientific degree, position; e-mail, ORCID; full name of the work place, postal address of the institution.
  • Abstract (not more than 1800 characters).
  • Keywords (5-8 words).
  • Article text.

Article title

The article title should be concise, meaningful and understandable to the entire readership of the journal and convey the main idea. The title should contain key terms to make it more visible when searching the Internet. The English title should be literate from the point of view of the English language, while the content fully corresponds to the Ukrainian title.


All authors with full names, degree, position, institution name, city, country, e-mail address and ORCID-identifier of each should be listed.


The abstract should be informative and understandable, provided that it is published separately from the article: it is necessary to briefly describe the content, including key terms; not only indicate the general objectives and scope of the article, but also contain the methodology used, obtained main results and conclusions. The abstract should not contain indefinite abbreviations.


The terms choice should reflect the subject and main content of the article. The terms will be used for indexing of the article and while reaching in the internet.

Article text

Articles should be clearly and concisely written and be accessible to an international audience. It is important to avoid colloquial terms and sayings that may not be understandable. All abbreviations and acronyms should be clearly explained when it’s first appear in the text.


Additional materials should contain the minimum necessary and sufficient information confirming the provisions stated in the article. Additional materials may include additional data, such as tables, figures or graphs. If the material is an integral part of the article, it should be submitted as part of the article and not as additional material.

If additional materials not included in the article file are not considered as integral part of the article, they are not subject to review and cannot be officially cited. Additional materials are posted with the article in the format provided by the author on the site and are available to all readers. The maximum size of each file for additional materials is 10 MB. If authors wish to link more articles to their article, they encouraged to use the data repository.

The main sections of the article:

  • Statement of the problem in general and its relationship with the current scientific and practical tasks.
  • Analysis of recent research and publications in which is started a solution of the problem.
  • Selection of the unsolved aspects of the problem, which is devoted to this article.
  • Formulation of the article (study) aim and its tasks (if necessary).
  • Basic material with full justification of scientific results.
  • The conclusions of this study should emphasize the novelty and prospects for further research.


All citations, methods, models, figures, tables, etc., taken from other papers, should be obligatory and accompanied by a reference to the original source, so as not to infringe the copyrights of other persons.

The list of references is placed in the last section of the manuscript named «References». It provides the information needed to find and retrieve any reference cited in the text of the document. Each reference cited in the paper should appear in the list of used references. Similarly, each notation in the list of references should be mentioned in the text of the work.

References are numbered and organized in the references list in the order of their mention in the text.

If there is more than one author in the publication, the link should list them all in a comma.

If the publication has a DOI, it should be specified after the URL (Uniform Resource Locator — a unified resource locator on the Internet).

Use web links that have a «guarantee of eternity» (they should remain unchanged for many years) if there are links to online materials posted on web resources.

The structure of the bibliographic reference to the source:       

  • Authors' names and initials (transliteration).
  • Publication year.
  • Publication title — italics. If there is a translation — in square brackets without italics.
  • Source title (journal, conference).
  • Volume — bold type.
  • Page number, page range, article number.
  • Digital identificator doi (required).
  • For the monograph publisher's imprint should be given (place of imprint, publishing house, quantity of pages).

For the English (main) version of the publication. In the case of writing a scientific paper in a language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet,

  • the title of the publication in the bibliographic description is translated into English, and the original language should be added at the end.


Kuzmenko Yurii, Samoilenko Оleksandr 2018 Processing by least square method of the measurement results for key, regional and supplementary comparison of the measurement standards. [Опрацювання методом найменших квадратів результатів вимірювань за ключових, регіональних та додаткових звірень еталонів]. Metrology and Instruments. 70, pp. 3-13 [In Ukrainian]

For the Ukrainian version of the publication. The bibliographic reference is given by original language.


Кузьменко Ю. В., Самойленко О. М. 2018 Опрацювання методом найменших квадратів результатів вимірювань за ключових, регіональних та додаткових звірень еталонів. Метрологія та прилади. 70, c. 3-13

Manuscript’s files preparation

In order to simplify editing, the proposed article should be sent in Microsoft Word (file extension *.doc, *.docx). Formulas are typed in the formula editor MathType. Decryption of symbols included in the formulas is mandatory.

The article can be designed in the form of your choice. You do not need to try to create pages similar to the published pages of the journal, because the detailed work will be done by the journal’s editors during production process. For convenience, you can use a template.

All the word wraps, double spaces, double line breaks should be removed from the text (automatically using Microsoft Word service «find and replace»). A hard space (Ctrl + Shift + space) is placed between the value of the quantity and its measurement unit.

File containing the text of the article should also include all the information for the publication (including figures and tables). Figures and tables should be embedded in the appropriate point of the text, not placed at the end of the manuscript.

Graphic material should be added separately from the text in EPS, TIFF or JPG files with a dot density of 300 dpi. Formulas should be typed in the MathType formula editor.

Article template in the *.docx format

Author's Questionnaire

Offer Agreement

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated internal technical tasks of this journal. Submitted manuscripts, unpublished materials are considered as confidential documents and will not be used in the reviewer's own studies without the written consent of the author, and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other parties.